RIVER, a symbol of life's force, gives outwardly and nourishes inwardly at every level. RIO ABJO RIO, the river under the river, is that which is unseen, only felt within. Through photographs of desert, valley, mountain and seacoast, we see reflected truth, purity and a merge with the infinite, as a river ultimately becomes clear and one with the ocean. The variation of landscape in Arizona, California and New Mexico brings mindfulness to each individual environment, a distinct way of life leading to a shared place of purification and stillness. This tribe of photographs uses color and imagery as a portal to attune to our inner rhythm and re-establish our connection with Mother Earth.

Rio Abajo Rio is a fine art book holding space for 26 color photographs and 6 written healing practices and rituals, based on Harrsen’s studies of Shamanism and Energy healing.