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Maggie Harrsen is a New York based photographer working closely with the relationship between nature and self. As a self-taught photographer, Maggie began photographing nature in the Spring of 2008 in Europe as a form of personal healing and meditation. Her clean and beautiful project Kanoa is a series of photographs exploring interconnection and the five elements of nature that resonate in all living beings - the sea, earth, fire, wind, and sky. Kanoa is a boys given name in Hawaiian meaning, the free one. SO refreshing.

"These 54 photographs formed my first body of work and my first book, self-published in 2012. Personally, Kanoa represents the beginning of my reconnection to the natural world, to Mother Earth. During this time in my life I moved from New York City to the tip of Long Island, in Amagansett, to live in a cottage by the ocean. This was a period of deep healing and reflection for me and Kanoa was in a way, a guiding Spirit. Leading me into the observation of my surroundings (the plants, stones, flowers, raindrops, fruits) and how each one exists in the other. In a flower, we see the presence of the sun, clouds, rain, minerals, insects, stars, and Earth - all of the elements coming together. We too, as living beings, reflect all of our world. Through the gentleness of imagery and color in each photograph, I offer this message to bring awareness to these relationships and our personal relationship with nature. "


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